A Global NFT-Based Treasure Hunt from the Creators of Lucidity Festival. 


The Lucid Multiverse NFT Treasure Hunt is designed to get you out into the world, traveling to epic destinations on planet earth, attending festivals, unraveling a mysterious and mythic story, meeting new friends, collaborating and competing in scavenger hunts, discovering tangible and crypto treasure, creating art funded by our art grants, and living the life of your dreams.


Here you can see how the artwork is created. Adam uses different layers to combine spirit animals, elemental realms, rare items, foreground borders, and more, generating 880 completely unique compositions. Each with a one-in-three chance of holding a Lucidity 2022 ticket inside! There will also be 8 super rare Legendary NFTs (one of each animal) that you'll just have to wait to see!

This mysterious & mythic map holds the theory of our collection. Review it closely if you wish to discern the magic involved. Your ability to decipher and make sense of maps like these will be useful on the journey ahead. 

8 spirit animals x 5 elemental backgrounds x  11 deja vu clan symbols x 2 ways of being + 8 super rare legendaries

= 888 Total collection

the utility


These journeys form the backbone of this Treasure Hunt Alternative Reality Game. Assemble teams and compete against other clans in scavenger hunts that traverse online spaces, the real world, and virtual metaverses. Winners will earn epic travel packages to magical destinations on Planet Earth.


Land a Lucid Dreamer NFT with a golden ticket and you’ll attend Lucidity Festival 2022 for free (this is a $300 value in itself). 1 in 3 Lucid Dreamer NFTs have golden tickets. One lucky holder of the ultra-rare Emerald Amulet, will receive festival tickets for life.**


Our Roadmap includes an 8888 Lucid Dream Guides Series 2 - “The Archetypes” in Q4 2022 or Q1 2023. All Series 1 holders will be rewarded with a Free Series 2 Mint. 


Score one of 8 super rare NFTs with a treasure chest and collect SOL royalties forever.  25% of funds collected from royalties from secondary sales will be airdropped to only eight wallets two times per year.  These will be the most valuable in the collection. **


Lucidity loves to uplift the arts, especially within our communities. 15% of funds collected from royalties from secondary sales will build an Art Grant fund that will be accessible via application, with recipients voted on by the community of Lucid Multiverse NFT holders.


Dream Guide Series 1 - “Spirit Animals” holders will automatically enjoy WHITELIST on all future Lucidity NFT drops (we have big future plans see our Roadmap!)

See terms and conditions for entry and official sweepstakes rules.


Sitting at the center of all existence, The Lucid City, stands as a pillar of light, love, and creativity for every being across the Lucid Multiverse. In all dimensions, all spaces, and all times the Lucid Dreamers of the many realms have kept the Lucid City standing simply by dreaming their sweet conscious dreams. Alas, in recent times, a dark and mysterious fog has encircled the Lucid City and cast many dreamers into fear, uncertainty, and despair. The Auroras, the rainbow roads that have allowed dreamers to travel through the astral plane to visit the Lucid City since the beginning of time, are now being blockaded with nightmares, shades, and haunts.

The Guardians of the Lucid Multiverse in all their wisdom, hid the 8 Great Keys to the Lucid City away as soon as they realized just how dangerous The Fog really was. The Guardians are now calling out to you, Lucid Dreamers, to come together and embark on a great and epic journey - a series of Kindred Quests - to recover the keys and save the Lucid City from being cast into the abyss of darkness forever. This mission will not be easy, nor will you be able to complete it alone. It will require you joining forces with others who share your dreams, your zest for life and your valiant objective of saving the Lucid City from peril. The fate of the Multiverse depends on you, Lucid Dreamer. Fare thee well.


Q1 - 2022

  • Build The Team
  • Launch The Project
  • Mint Day - Lucid MultiVerse Series 1 - “Spirit Animals”
  • SOL Giveaways
  • Meet your Mythos Twin Challenge
  • Lucidity Festival in Santa Barbara CA

Q2 - 2022

  • Kindred Quest #1 Launches
  • Treasure Chests Payout #1
  • Art Grant Applications Announced
  • Winners of Kindred Quest #1 and EPIC Travel Package #1 Announced
  • Sneak Peaks of Lucid MultiVerse Series 2 Revealed

Q3 - 2022

  • Epic Travel Package #1 - “Magical Island Adventure”
  • Kindred Quest #2 Launches
  • Community Chooses the Recipients of Art Grants
  • Lucid MultiVerse Series 2 Project Officially Announced

Q4 - 2022

  • Winners of Kindred Quest #2 and EPIC Travel Package #2 Announced
  • Treasure Chests Payout #2
  • Art Grant Recipients Make and Exhibit their Art
  • EPIC Travel Package #2 - “Dreaming with Volcanoes”
  • FREE MINT Day & Public Sale - Lucid MultiVerse Series 2 - “The Archetypes”

Meet Our Team










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Treasure hunter


When do I mint?

Our Presale date is March 24th at 11am PST (6pm UTC) and our Public Sale date is March 25th at 11am PST (6pm UTC).

Is there a White List?

Yes. We will offer 888 Whitelist spots. With a maximum mint of 2. You’ll notice that it is possible for us to sell out during our whitelist pre-sale. We are doing this so that WL spots are more valuable!

I’m a crypto and NFT newbie, how do I set up a SOL wallet for the mint?

You’ll want to start a crypto account on an exchange like Coinbase or Voyager. Purchase SOL on one of these exchanges using a debit or credit card. Then install a Phantom Wallet chrome extension here. Open a new wallet. Store your unique passphrase keys somewhere secure and offline. Never give them to anyone. Once your wallet is open, copy your wallet address, go back into your exchange platform where you have SOL and click “Send” enter your address as the place to send SOL to, select how much you want to send, and initiate. Be sure to have enough SOL in your wallet to cover the mint fee well before the day of mint in case the mint sells out quick. Mint an NFT right when the project mint goes live to ensure securing one.

Wait, I heard NFTs were bad for the environment. How is this project in alignment with Lucidity’s values of environmental responsibility? 

Actually a good amount of the negative press that we hear about NFTs being bad for the environment are about Ethereum, the leading blockchain technology in the NFT space. It takes an immense amount of energy to process Ethereum transactions, so the carbon footprint is significant. For this reason Lucidity has decided to build our project on Solana, a different blockchain that uses Proof of Stake technology instead of Proof of Work technology, which dramatically reduces the amount of energy used. Solana is being celebrated as environmentally friendly and solving many of the issues that Ethereum has received criticisms for. Read more about how Solana is eco friendly HERE

Why Lucidity Festival? 

Because we’re the ones bringing you this NFT project! Lucidity Festival has a 10-year track record of producing world class transformational art and music festivals. We want to share our events and mythos with the wider NFT communities of the world. Visit lucidityfestival.com to learn more about our 5,000 person 3-day camping festival experience every April.

Will my NFT get me a ticket to Lucidity Festival? 

1/3rd of the NFTs in this collection contain magic tickets that entitle the holder entry to Lucidity Festival 2022, a world class transformational festival in Santa Barbara California (a $300 value) and will continue to offer festival perks and giveaways from our partner events around the world.

What’s up with the Treasure Chest NFTs?

8 of the NFTs in this collection will have Treasure Chests incorporated into the artwork. These 8 Treasure Chests will each receive SOL airdrops 2 times per year, in the amount of 25% of our Royalties divided by 8 (our Royalties are 8% of all secondary sales). These airdrops will continue for the life of the project! These will be very valuable NFTs and everyone will have an equal chance of minting one, 1 in 111 odds of getting one!

How will the Kindred Quests work?

All Lucid Multiverse NFT holders will be eligible to participate in our Kindred Quests, scavenger hunts that will traverse online and real world locations. Participants will form collaborative teams, Kindred Clans, and will compete against other clans to get to the end of the rainbow first. Winners will find treasure along the way and earn EPIC travel packages to some of the most magical places on Planet Earth. As you delve deeper you might just realize a MUCH bigger game playing out as you embark on a journey of a lifetime to find the 8 keys to the Lucid City, which stands in the center of the Lucid Multiverse!


aka 'Lucid Lingo'


An alternate reality game (ARG) is an interactive networked narrative that uses the real world as a platform and employs transmedia storytelling to deliver a story that may be altered by players' ideas or actions. This NFT-based Treasure Hunt will be an example of an ARG.


Archetypes refer to universal psychological structures that exist within each of us and make up the many different aspects of the self. These “types” can be identified with and embraced, or resisted and rejected. Examples from the Lucidity mythos include: The Warrior, The Lovers, The Trixster, The Nomad, The Healer, The Family, The Goddess, and The Dreamer. Each archetype corresponds with one of the 8 Guardian Spirit Animals that make up the current collection. You’ll have to figure out which go together, we can’t just tell you everything. The archetypes will be the inspiration for the second collection of Lucid Multiverse NFTS at the end of 2022 or beginning of 2023.


The Auroras are the rainbow roads that intersect The Lucid Multiverse. They are astral portals, wormholes for skilled lucid astral travelers to access the Lucid City and to just get from here to there in general. Lately these interdimensional pathways are behind blockaded and held ransom by the minions of The Fog.

Deja Vu Symbol

Deja Vu is a mysterious phenomenon. Most who have had Deja Vu report that it feels like experiencing something that’s been experienced before. Some theorize that it is a remembrance of a forgotten dream. Others say it’s a glitch in the matrix. And still others say we may just be remembering the future. Whatever you believe about Deja Vu, we’ve made 11 Deja Vu Symbols that are archetypal symbols in and of themselves, that might just remind you of something that might just have happened before. All NFTs will have a deja vu symbol in the upper right hand corner. Each of the 11 symbols will have a slightly different power, ability, or privilege… more details TBD.


When we use the term dream it is understood to have dual meaning. In some instances we are talking about the dreams that we have when we are asleep, the nighttime visions and adventures we have while in slumber. In other instances we are referring to the dreams we have while awake, our aspirations for the future, our imaginings of what is possible. When we contemplate that we are dreaming both in waking and while asleep, we might come to a fundamental understanding that all is dream, that we are always swimming in the imaginal, and that we can choose to do so in a lucid state or in an unaware state. We remind you to Dream Big always and in all ways.

Elemental Realms

The Lucid Multiverse is divided into 5 elemental realms: Air, Fire, Earth, Water, and Spirit. Each realm has an Elemental Avatar who is the keeper of the realm. You’ll meet them later.

Kindred Clan

In order to participate in the most immersive parts of our Treasure Hunt and compete to win the epic travel packages to magical places on planet earth, you will need to clan up. Clans will be groups of collaborators who embark on our Kindred Quests together as a team. Clans will have to register at the start of a Kindred Quest and will remain a clan through that particular Quest. Clans can be between 3 and 8 people. The only requirement for forming an eligible clan is to ensure that among your team you have at least 1 of every animal represented in your NFT wallets when looked at collectively as a team.

Kindred Quest

Kindred Quests are the team based scavenger hunt challenges that form the basis of this Treasure Hunt. As there are 8 keys to the Lucid City that must be found across The Lucid Multiverse, there will be 8 Kindred Quests, each leading winning teams to discovering one of the keys. Only 2 of these Quests will occur in the first year of the project, so strap on your seatbelt as this journey will span multiple years. When all 8 keys are found, access to the Lucid City will be restored and the 8 keyholding teams will follow the Auroras into the Lucid City and will seek the motherload treasure cache. We won’t tell you what that ultimate treasure is right now, but let’s just say that it will change your lives forever.


There will be 8 super rare legendary NFTs in this collection. These NFTs will be significantly more special than all the rest, and unlike all the other NFTs will not have a Mythos Twin. These are the quintessential representations of the Guardian Spirit Animals and as such holders of these NFTs will enjoy the powers, abilities, and privileges of all 11 Deja Vu symbols.

Lucid Dreamer

A Lucid Dreamer is someone who is aware of a dream, as a dream, while still in the dream. In the context of The Lucid Multiverse NFT Treasure Hunt, YOU will all be addressed respectfully as Lucid Dreamers. The Lucid City is held up by YOUR sweet lucid dreams, and The Fog that threatens the Lucid City is the same fog that sometimes creeps into your very consciousness. Lucid Dreaming, as a practice, is something that can be learned, something that you can get better at, and when you do get better at it, entire new realms of possibility open up to you. We will be regularly encouraging you to learn more about Lucid Dreaming as it will be a valuable tool to succeed in the Kindred Quests and in the Treasure Hunt as a whole.

Lucid City

Situated within the Spirit Realm, the Lucid City stands at the center of all existence, space, time, and dimensions. Some would say it is actually responsible for maintaining the clarity and cohesion that allows us, as beings, to even exist with our complex lives filled with story and experience. Recently the Lucid City has fallen into peril and needs YOUR help. It is the ultimate destination of all your quests and is where the motherload treasure is hidden.

Lucidity Mythos

The Lucidity Mythos refers to the story we are telling through this Treasure Hunt, and through our festival. It’s a story that is now 10 years old to us, and yet aspects of it are timeless. In recent years we started to realize that it’s actually less a story that we are telling, but instead… the story seems to be telling us. As deep listeners, we are reflecting this story back to all of you in playful ways so that maybe, just maybe, you might find the same nuggets of treasure that we’ve found.

Mythos Twin

Every NFT in this collection, aside from the 8 Legendaries, will have a Mythos twin somewhere out there. Mythos Twins will have an identical combination of Animal x Elemental x Deja Vu Symbol. Some aspects of the NFT may be different, but the elements of Animal, Elemental, and Deja Vu Symbol will be identical. There will be rewards given to those who complete our Mythos Twin challenges. These can be considered fun side quests to meet new friends via synchronicity and serendipity.

The Fog

The Fog, in a nutshell, is the faceless force of fear. It is creeping into the Lucid Multiverse from an unknown location and has rapidly encircled the Lucid City and rendered the Auroras temporarily unusable. The Fog is believed to be dangerous as there are unimaginably horrifying things hidden within it.

Treasure Chest Holder

In addition to the 8 super rare Legnedaries, this collection will also have 8 super rare NFTs that have a treasure chest in the background. If you are a holder of one of these NFTS you will receive SOL distributions for the lifetime of the project.

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